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Recruiting Software

Increase job orders, reduce time-to-fill,

and make up to 43% more placements

with DashBoard

 Best-in-Class Recruiting Software to Grow Your Business

Solutions to Automate Every Part of the Recruiting Lifecycle

Applicant Tracking System | Recruitment CRM | VMS Integration | Onboarding | Back Office

Close the Loop between Recruiting and Sales

With Outcome Research’s Recruitment CRM, your entire organization 

can accurately forecast pipeline and revenue growth. You can

also increase adoption of your front office systems and gain

visibility into your clients’ changing business needs

True Cloud Recruiting Software That Speeds You Up

Always Up-to-Date with the Latest Features – No Plug-ins or Upgrades Required

DashBoard Works the Way You Work

No Matter Your Role, Outcome Research Can Help You Work More Effectively

Recruiting Sales Operations

Outcome Research’s applicant tracking system provides the most comprehensive solution for managing the full recruiter workflow, allowing teams to be extremely agile and move fluidly through each step of the recruitment process.

Streamline your sales process with Outcome Research’s recruitment CRMwhich leverages patent-pending relationship tracking technology. Centralize every interaction so that sales can identify new opportunities and close deals faster.

For operations personnel at staffing agencies, a closed job order signals that work is just beginning. Outcome Research’s timesheet, expense, invoicing, commissions, and onboarding solutions help firms manage their staffing operations.

Power Your Recruiting Lifecycle

Outcome Research’s full line of staffing and recruiting software can help you manage your end-to-end recruitment lifecycle, from job orders and delivery to back office operations and onboarding.

Contact a sales representative who will take the time to understand our specific needs and identify how Benchmark can best power your business.